Pricing will differ depending on your stylist.  The prices presented are a range and not a direct quote.  For accurate pricing, please schedule a complimentary consultation with your desired stylist.​*


Luxe Haircut

Barber Haircut

Wash & Blowdry


Curl/Flat Iron Styling






Luxe Haircuts (formerly Women's and Teen Girls) include consultation, cut, wash, scalp massage and blowdry styling.  Barber Haircuts (formerly Men's and Teen Boys) include shampoo, scalp massage and cut. Additional charge for curling iron or flat iron styling.  Effective 2015 we no longer offer separate

children's hair prices.



Tint touch-up Express

Tint touch-up and Blowdry

Color Glossing and Blowdry

Partial Highlights

Partial Balayage

Full Highlights

Full Balayage

All Over Color

Mens Grey Blending








All color services use premium AVEDA color and include consultation, shampoo and blowdry with the

exception of the Tint touch-up Express.

Additional color charge

may apply.

Modern Hairstyle



Split End Treatment  and Blowdry               


Conditioning Treatment and  Blowdry 


Olaplex Treatment and Blowdry       

Brazilian Smoothing Treatment   


Brazilian B3 Bond Builder and Blowdry                

All treatments include consultation, shampoo

and blowdry styling

*Some prices will increase in January 2022 in order to keep up with

Bay Area market inflation and increased operational costs.

We greatly appreciate your business and hope you understand

our need to implement this adjustment.